The Pennarky of Bian is the five human-ruled kingdoms of the southeastern part of the large island. Each kingdom has it’s own ruler but the High King settles disputes between the kingdoms.

The eastern most kingdom is Canting, a land of scattered woods, settled farmland and chalk hills. The largest and most important city is Grannick but Andower is an important seaport.

North and west of Canting is Medley, the largest and most central kingdom. The largest city on the island is here, Rombellion and the seat of the High King, Vancease is in the northwest corner of Medley.

Cornelle is west and southwest of Medley with rough hills and rocky beaches. Barris is the most important and largest city and western seaport but the capital is either Launcease or Tweefle depending on Cornellian whim. The northeast corner of Cornelle is near Vancease.

North of Cornelle is Drumma, a land of hill and heather and briney marshes along the seacoast. The capital is Tyrepool, second largest city on the island and a major western seaport. Brawshaw is another large city and lies in the southeast corner near Vancease.

Between Barris and Tyrepool is the mountainous forested penninsula of Kymbru home of wild humans, elves, halfelves and Fae folk. A disputed buffer area called Wesmark, inhabited by humans, gnomes and halflings, exists between the Pennarky and the wilder woodland kingdoms.

Esmark is the last of the Five Kingdoms, east of Drumma and northeast of Medley. A land of rivers and marshes. The westernmost finger of Esmark territory snakes between Drumma and Medley nearly to Vancease but most of the population is on the east coast in the counties of Nerfle and Serfle and the city of Sheepsease.

North of Esmark and Dumma lies a wild land called Nordmark mostly inhabited by half-orcs and outlaw humans. Rothgar, the Prinz of Preuz is nominally the ruler of the area but this is a polite fiction to give him a vote in the Ding.


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