Bian is a large island off the coast of the continent of Yropa. The southeastern part of the island is human-inhabited and divided up into five mostly co-operative kingdoms, called the Pennarky.

North and west of these settled lands are more human and half-orc areas, more or less organized as tribes and clans. These are called Nordmark and Wesmark by the Pennarkians. Far to the west lies Kymbru and the kingdoms of the Elves and far to the north are the Dwarf Hills and the Dwerrokin.

There are smaller islands all around and one large island to the west, Tinnanockiel. The nearest kingdoms on the mainland are Cianson due east of the Pennarky and Gaelmoch to the southeast. North of Cianson is Blodmarch and east of that is Preuz.

Far to the south and east is Rema, the Western Remice Empire and Middle Sea. Even further east is Allorema, capital of the Eastern Remice Empire.


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