Welcome to Bian (pronounced “beyond” without the d)

This is a Pathfinder home brew campaign setting in the world of Yrth which is much like out world with the little added details that magic works and there are non-human races and all that fantasy stuff necessary for a Pathfinder game.

If you want to join this campaign game, you need to go to this Meetup page here! (insert link to meetup page) and follow the directions there to sign up. There are only going to be 4 to 6 players and 3 slots are already full.

Character Creation is going to be by a point-buy system, so follow the wiki link and find out how to do it.

You can pretty much play any race or class that is in the core books and most of the races or classes that are in the advanced core books and many of the races or classes found elsewhere. It’s a big wide wonderful world full of oddness.